After starting it is plain sailing ….

“Everyone wants to start their own business” I have always believed this statement to be true. And I still do. What motivates people to want to do their own thing? There are many reasons – let me list a few:

1. There is a common believe that you will get very rich if you have your own business

2. You do not have a boss

3. You work when you want to

4. You can travel the world and take as many vacations as you want to

Get out of the blocks today!

Get out of the blocks today!

Now, as a business start-up coach I do not want to burst your bubble – after all I should motivate you – tell you about all the great things that your own business will give you. Of how you will have so much money that you do not know what to do with it. I should show you all my travel photos and all the great places I have explored over the years. I should tell you that I have attended all my daughter’s school plays, functions and prize givings, even during normal work hours. I have had a great life up to now – and I should share it with you so that you may also have such a life of leisure.

So why am I hesitant?

Let me be brutally honest – as if I haven’t been doing it all along?

Having your own business IS the most rewarding thing to do! BUT, it is also very challenging, lonely and requires many sacrifices. There is no guaranteed salary at the end of the month. Public holidays are not as pleasant as when you are employed, as you do not earn money. You pay directly for your own mistakes, incompetence and laziness.

So why, o why, would anybody start their own business? Why should you not stay in your current job? Why should you give it up for uncertainty, hard work, long hours – and all of this for NO guarantee? GREAT QUESTIONS! And you should answer them before taking the big step.

YOU should start YOUR own business TODAY, because:

  • YOU can make a great income
  • YOU will be in charge of YOUR future
  • YOU will be able to be flexible with your time
  • YOU can adapt quickly to changes in the market
  • YOU will experience self-fulfillment

If these are not enough motivation, then I suggest that you stay in your boring, mediocre job, reporting to people that are mostly driving their own agendas.

SO … if you really believe in YOURSELF, if you honestly believe that you are worth MORE than what you are currently being paid, if you want to challenge yourself and reap the rewards of your own brilliance – THEN consider taking the plunge TODAY. I can (almost) guarantee that you will NEVER look back.

Scared? Of course you are! Find a business coach that can assist you during the start-up process. If you do not know a great coach – then drop me an email. I will gladly put you in contact with someone that is passionate about entrepreneurship. Someone that will motivate you, show you the ropes and ensure that you start the most exciting journey in your life.

Prof Gary is launching an e-coaching program, for people who want to start their own business, during the second week of APRIL.