Professional Profile

Professional Profile: Gerhard Ferreira (a.k.a Prof Gary***)

Facilitator | Business Coach | Executive | Interim Manager | Director


Chief Business Coach and Facilitator: Prof Gary and Cassandra Consult & Mentor (Current)
Chief Operating Officer, Director and Business Coach: Financial Services
Business Leadership Consultant: Objective Business Consultants
Adjunct Professor: USA – Cardean University, Ellis University and New York Institute of Technology. UK – University of Hull. SA – Tshwane University of Technology, Damelin College, The Graduate Institute of Management and Technology, Varsity College and Technikon Pretoria
Product Marketing Manager: Barlow Rand Group of Companies
Marketing Manager: Media and Marketing Services
System Engineer: IBM


Develop, execute and manage business strategies, plans and initiatives
Strategic planning, advertising and direct marketing, CRM, database management and branding
Conceptualise, develop and modify complicated business models
Business Leadership Consulting to identify and exploit marketing investment opportunities
Identify and develop business and new product opportunities and partnerships
Drive for positive results and achievement of deadlines and targets
Digital marketing and content management strategies
Project management from concept phase to roll out
General management of operations, staff and teams, projects, finances, technology and supply chains
Knowledge and expertise transfer through facilitation, coaching and mentorship


Restructure company for growth, develop new strategy and assist with implementation
Develop a Contract Register in line with Compliance requirements for Insurance Company
Develop and implement of marketing and business strategy for Compliance Management System
Develop strategy for the concept and implementation of business advisory panel
Business Coaching and mentoring
Develop and present management and executive skills training
Research marketing strategy for permanent residency, tourism and investment program for country in Europe
Concept development and implementation of Credit Provider’s model
Digital marketing strategy for small-medium business in wealth creation
Develop and implement a national Entrepreneurship Business Challenge for High School learners
Develop and present Entrepreneurship Social Development Program in rural areas for AHI
Strategic and operational involvement in software development and implementation


Exceeded target of R500m by more than 70% (investors)
Managed and led the business and marketing strategy of educational software products, which sold 7000+copies over a 6 year period
Spearheaded the creation and establishment of an Entrepreneur Academy with more than 50 distribution agencies
Guest speaker and facilitator assignments at various USA, UK and SA Universities, Institutes, Corporates and Associations
Developed business management tools with sales of 10 000+ units
Key driver of team who merged 150 companies into one entity in the Financial Services Industry


  • Founding member: SADEO (non-profit company) – promoting Entrepreneurship and WordPress skills in townships
  • Develop and present basic business management training programmes for budding entrepreneurs in rural areas
  • Assist start-ups to operate a profitable business
  • Promoting business and entrepreneurship
  • Guest speaker at non-profit organisations



Since 1999 I teach online courses to MBA students, at a number of American universities. They appointed me as adjunct professor and it is a wonderful experience to be involved with young international business men. But one of my biggest challenges, besides teaching Strategic Business-, Marketing and Ethical Management, is to teach the Americans to pronounce my name (and surname) correctly. I have to admit that I have not succeeded in this goal. In the mean time, I became “Prof Gary” to them, and thus my domain name is Many of my students still contact me on this site, even though they have long completed their studies, and are already successful entrepreneurs and business men in their own right. Today I gain great advantage from my hard work with these students, because I learn as much from them as they learned from me, when they were younger. It is THIS knowledge that I want to share with business- men and women all over the world. I trust you will enjoy the articles on my website. You will see that I have helped many young, and not so young, people to start and excel in their own business.