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If you are looking for a coach / mentor with exceptional and diverse experience, backed up with great qualifications, read on…

I will personally help YOU in GROWING your business to the next level
I will always put YOUR interests first, working with you till YOUR business are profitable – and beyond
I will coach YOU step-by-step in setting up a business that will ensure you a great life style and financial independence
I will work with YOU to assist you in identifying business opportunities and adapting your strategy to economic changes

So who is Prof Gary?

Prof Gary has more than 20 years experience in business – from small to corporate companies.

He started up 11 profitable businesses of my own – ranging from digital, educational, business support, computer, property, training and agent / franchise.
He coached more than 120 entrepreneurs and start-ups.
He facilitated more than 150 training courses in South Africa, USA and UK.
He is an adjunct professor at universities in USA and UK.
He held a number of corporate positions ranging from Systems Engineer to Chief Operations Officer and Director.
He holds relevant business degrees: BCom (Marketing), BCom (Hons) Business management and MBA (Leadership) and a PhD (All but dissertation).

Prof Gary is passionate about customer service. He sincerely believes that customers should always be treated with the utmost respect as they are a business’s most important asset. He is a good communicator, both verbally and in writing, whilst maintaining great integrity and instilling respect with the audience – whether one-on-one or in a group context.

So, if you are seriously about your business success, drop me an email at profgary@profgary.co.za and find out how I can work with you to make your business even more profitable.