5 things SA businesses want from government

New research from Sage shows that business owners are investing in the future but would like to see more action from the Government. More than half (54%) of SME owners in South Africa did not take a holiday last year and 70% put in more time than the standard 40 hour-week to grow their businesses. Yet some 96% say that they have had no assistance – financial or otherwise – from the national government as they strived to build their companies. Let us look at the highlights of the research – what are the 5 things SA business want from government?

South African business owners outline the top five things they want to see from government to help them thrive are to:

  • Control energy and utility costs
  • Reduce red tape
  • Simplify labour regulation
  • Reduce business rates and taxes
  • Bring stability to foreign exchange rates

Is it just me or can you also spot an omission in this list?