Business Growth

Business Growth requires a third opinionbusiness growth

For business growth, one needs a THIRD opinion. Every business has a board of directors or at least an exco team. Prof Gary as business coach or interim manager, offers the management team a new perspective. Without any hidden agenda and with the sole purpose of achieving company goals – allowing the company to grow through new fresh creative ways – in effect a THIRD opinion.

Prof Gary’s business and management philosophy

  • Unanimous decisions are intrinsically suspicious and incomplete decisions – made when there is too much power in the room, too much obedience or too much conformity.
    There is always more than one solution to any problem, situation or challenge.
  • A culture of conflict and rugged debate should be cultivated in the boardroom. All assumptions should be challenged, questioned and tested.
  • A business should differentiate its offering through a sustainable Unique Selling Proposition and stick to their core business.
  • A great business coach provides a “third opinion” or an “extra set of eyes”. Opinions and advice should be unbiased, logical, and practical with the sole purpose of achieving business goals.